Our Mission

To maximize human potential through advanced science and education, enabling people to become the best at whatever they choose to be.

Our world is more connected than ever before. We impact each others lives continuously and have the ability to share information in ways that were unimaginable only a few short years ago. Allysian Sciences™ believes in celebrating those connections, in strengthening them and finding inspiration and value in them.

We know that the decisions we make, and the information we share, can improve lives around the world through education that can develop into lasting habits and change generations. That knowledge, and the responsibility that comes with it, will drive our communities to do things differently through the Allysian Sciences™ platform where science, technology and community come together.

We've been fortunate that Allysian's founding vision, a dedication to maximizing human potential through innovation and excellence and an ambition to create positive change, resonates deeply with our customers and Affiliates. As we share our story, we're finding that more and more people are taking interest in our mission to help people around the world redefine what's possible for them through advanced nutrition science and education.

Our promise to our customers and our Affiliate community is that Allysian's growth will never come at the expense of our core values and our mission. We put our minds to every decision we make, and carefully think about every action we take and how it impacts our interconnected, and very transparent, world.


The Founders

Led by global entrepreneur Rod Jao and the most decorated American winter Olympian of all time, 8x medalist Apolo Ohno, Allysian Sciences™ is guided by a diverse team of individuals who are experts in their own fields. From research and development specialists to world-class athletes, our team finds the very best methods, products, and training to empower others in being better at whatever they choose to do. The driving force was the belief that there had to be better products out there, ones that we could proudly provide to our family and friends and also utilize ourselves, while helping create life long wellness habits.

Development Cycle

Scroll through this timeline to learn more about Allysian's product development cycle from idea to inception. This is our story...

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2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC

Apolo Ohno concluded his Olympic career with 8 medals in short-track speedskating and was recognized as the most decorated American winter Olympian of all-time. Following the completion of his Olympic journey, Apolo continued his track record of excellence through international business and philanthropy endeavors.

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Product Concept

Apolo knew that the nutrients he used to feed his body and his brain optimized his performance as a businessperson and a world-class athlete. After experimenting and testing what worked for him, he wanted to make the product available for all and share it with the world.

His friendship with Rod Jao allowed this idea of brain optimization through nutrition to be brought to market. As a global entrepreneur, and someone passionate about health and wellness, Rod saw incredible potential in the products Apolo was developing. Rod also saw that a unique distribution model would be needed to effectively share the benefits of the product line.

With a successful background in network marketing, he developed the foundation for Allysian's #RedefinePossible Movement as the channel through which the Allysian products and education platform would be shared. He knew that this was the most effective way to create a global community built on an incredible product and education foundation.

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Allysian utilizes an extensive network of researchers and product formulators to complete a preliminary but thorough literature review extracted from in vitro studies, animal research, case-control, cohort, randomized control trials, and meta-analyses from medical, nutrition, and natural health databases from the last 35 years. This data is given to the advisory board review team to analyze the specific ingredients of the initial product formulation.

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Advisory Board Review

Dr. Jheeta, Dr. Ma, and other members of the Allysian advisory board review the product formulation based on the detailed research previously conducted. They recommend changes to integrate the latest and most effective technologies in the industry. Further discussions with the formulation team involve improvements to ingredient benefits, usage, and interactions to ensure that the most synergistic ingredients are used.

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Research and Development

The R&D team review the finalized product formulations and ensure that each active ingredient is backed by a series of clinicals to support its benefits. Technical details are compared and ingredient purity is tested. The certificates of analysis are acquired by the team and the procedures used to test the selected extracts are approved.

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Quality Control & Assurance

The raw ingredients for each product are then carefully reviewed by a team of professional formulators. Testing is done on a sample of each active ingredient. The extraction and testing methods used to confirm ingredient quality are standardized published methods such as HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography).

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All products are manufactured in a GMP certified, and FDA registed, facility with an accredited site license under the Canadian Natural Health Product Regulations. The certified manufacturing facility is responsible for the quality control and assurance of purity, potency, and consistency for each batch made. Following production of a product batch a third party lab once again confirms the batch purity and quality.

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Clinical Trial

Prior to releasing Mastermind™ into the marketplace, an independent third-party, double blind, placebo controlled clinical trial was conducted and interim results showed a statistically significant and positive result of a 7.52% increase in working memory within 30 days in healthy adults.

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Education & Training Program

Beyond the need for effective nutrition, the founders identified the added value of habit creation, advanced awareness education, personal development training, and scientifically validated brain training. These approaches come together to form a complete solution to brain and health optimization and are delivered through Allysian's powerful mobile platform.

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International Expansion & Continued Innovation

Allysian is continuously improving and we expect to lead the industry with our culture of innovation. This is where you write your story and #RedefinePossible with us...


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